3 June 2021

Finally, we got it: Yica’s first ever sculpture is ready!
Yica Djuric paints everything, everytime, everywhere: murals, fashion dresses, canvas, furniture, barrels, mannequins, puppets, humans, pizza ovens, ties, shoes, etc., but she has never painted her own creations!
So, we made a Yica Djuric sculpture.
Using one of her drawings and following her indications, after fiiive mooonths of haaard wooork, we finally have the first piece of the first edition of Yica Djuric Sculptures: they are elegant, unique, arty, beautiful, happy, solid, stable, heavy and ready to receive Yica’s colored touch.
yica djuric original artwork 3D Yica Djuric the first sculpture yica djuric painting
This is a “First of – Limited Edition”, we will produce only 10 pieces.

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